Mentioning the name of GERONIMO RAUCH leads us immediately to associate the pleasant presence and an extraordinary performance to a magnificent and virtuous voice. Since 2000, GERONIMO has been gradually following the dream of being on stage and making his voice reach different audiences worldwide.

His first forays into theater were in Buenos Aires, in musical theatre, although he continued to sing in a cappella sextet called Voxpop, in 2002 comes a new opportunity for him by winning Popstars (tv reality show) and forming the pop band Mambru.

With their first production, Mambru achieved triple platinum by more than 120,000 units sold and in 2005, when the group breaks, is when GERONIMO takes over again his solo career being, to mention one of his achievements, who played the music theme for the 2006 Football World Cup for Argentina Telefe TV network.

His musical development goes hand in hand with his growth in theater, so in 2007 he gives life to “Jesus” in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Bristol Theatre of Buenos Aires, his performance opens the door to international opportunities that lead him to do the same role but now in Madrid at the Teatro Lope de Vega starting his way into Spain. He then leaded “Chicago, The Musical” and “Les Miserables”, also in Spain.

At the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid, along with the Chamartin Symphony Orchestra, he makes his debut in the world of opera in late 2011.

Jean Veljean found him again, now in London’s West End where “Les Miserables” and Cameron Mackintosh offered him the lead role for the first time to a Latin performer. After his journey playing Jean Veljean, GERONIMO RAUCH was offered to play  Erik “The Phantom”, main character of “The Phantom of the Opera”, being Andrew Lloyd Weber who chose him personally.  He is the only Latin actor in major roles in these outstanding performances.

In 2015 he received an award as “Vocalist of the Year” in “Lukas Awards”, awards that celebrate the best contributions of Latin talent in the UK.

The opportunity to pause its interests in theater and approach his solo career again was presented a year ago, when in a meeting with old acquaintances ends up welcoming him the Sony Music Entertainment family.

It was difficult to choose the music line to follow in this new production, his virtuous voice involved a careful selection of songs to form this first solo project. This doubt was resolved after hearing him sing, informally, the song “Something” theme that helped visualize the plan for the development of the project and now also serves as its first single and leads us to find out the musical content of: “HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE “.

Hit songs that remain in the musical memory of each of us, arrangements that take us in an exquisite tour of rhythms under the production of Miguel Angel Collado, will make HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE a must in our disco music collections.

The long and winding road, Blackbird, Across the universe, Don’t let me down, Help, Here there and everywhere, I want to hold your hand, We can work it out, Eleonor Rigby, Come together, Let it be, Yesterday , Hey Jude and Something, are the 14 songs included in this new proposal presented by GERONIMO RAUCH.

This production includes eight music videos that will make us feel the experience of a great orchestra and his magnificent voice, as if we were present there enjoying the moment.